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Be curious. Look south.

All Things Narrative for
Video Games and
Interactive Experiences

Bringing stories to life along the whole development journey with inspired words, a player-first process and narrative strategy.

Founded by Alexander Swords, using the Forest Paths Method for Narrative Design, and powered by the skills and imagination of proven screenwriting professionals.

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Writing And Narrative Design

Specialising in narrative driven by characters, emotions, and aesthetics in an accessible and collaborative way. We prioritise craft with a player-first approach.

The process is driven by the principles behind the Forest Paths Method for Narrative Design by Alexander Swords. All elements of the story are made visible, removing the mystery of the writing process and ensuring we're all on the same page. It also means a better targeting of audience with bespoke structures built on the pillars of each project. 


The narrative for a game doesn't function in isolation. There's a direct line between every story moment through to the audience and on to the business strategy behind the project, and its success. 

We use a set of processes that track this in a simple way for everyone on the team. It means discussions are informed, ideas are held to account, and consequences can be understood earlier on. It reduces the ambiguity that causes conflict between team members. 

We've also found that this can improve communication between developers and external stakeholders like publishers, funding agencies and press. 

Narrative Direction and Strategy

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Alexander Swords - Founder

Working with story for over 20 years, I'm a writer and narrative designer of 7+ years working across narrative games, the adaptation and evolution of stories moving to new mediums, and advocating for the power of interactive narrative and the need for diverse future storytellers.

I act as lead on projects, providing high level narrative direction and design, so that I can bring in talented writers from all fields to suit different projects. This means I can continue working with smaller teams on important stories, and provide opportunities for writers. 

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Contract Pool

Right now we're focussed on staying flexible so that we can fit the right talent to the project.

Based at ACMI X in Melbourne Australia, we have access to diverse, world-class screenwriters who understand balancing creative innovation, the realities of production and needs of the market. 

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Join Our Clients

Some aren't listed due to standing agreements. 

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Get in Touch

It's still early days, and there's a lot more to come. If you're interested in being a part of the journey, then please reach out. 

Thanks for reaching out.

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